§62-8-1. Offenses by inmates; conspiracy.
A person imprisoned or otherwise in the custody of the Commissioner of Corrections or the Executive Director of the Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority is guilty of a felony if he or she kills, wounds or inflicts other bodily injury upon any person at any correctional facility; or breaks, cuts or injures, or sets fire to any building, fixture or fastening of any correctional facility, or jail or any part thereof, for the purpose of escaping or aiding any other inmate to escape therefrom, or renders any correctional facility or jail less secure as a place of confinement; or makes, procures, secretes or has in his or her possession, any instrument, tool or other thing for such purpose, or with intent to kill, wound or inflict bodily injury; or resists the lawful authority of an officer or guard of any correctional facility or jail for such purpose or with such intent. Any three or more inmates so confined, or in such custody, who conspire together to commit any offense mentioned in this section are each guilty of a felony.