§62-2-5. Indictment for embezzlement; description and proof of money in prosecutions for embezzlement and other crimes.
In a prosecution against a person accused of embezzling, or fraudulently converting to his own use, bullion, money, bank notes, or other security for money, it shall be lawful, in the same indictment, to charge and thereon to proceed against the accused, for any number of distinct acts of such embezzlement or fraudulent conversion which may have been committed by him within six months from the first of the last of such acts; and it shall be sufficient to allege the embezzlement or fraudulent conversion to be of money, bullion, bank notes, or security for money without specifying the particular kind of money, bank notes, bullion or security for money, as the case may be; and such allegation, so far as it regards the description of the property, shall be sustained, if the accused be proved to have embezzled or fraudulently converted to his own use, any bullion, money, bank notes, or security for money (although the particular item or thing embezzled or converted be neither alleged nor proved).

And in any indictment, warrant or information in which it is necessary to describe money current in this state, a description of such money as "United States currency" will be sufficient without specifying the number and denomination thereof, and such description shall be construed to mean national bank notes, United States treasury notes, federal reserve notes, certificates for either gold or silver coin, fractional coin, currency, or any other form of money issued by the United States government and current as money in this state.