§61-10-10. Poolroom defined; selling tickets and chances in lottery; penalty.
The word "poolroom," wherever the same is used in this section, shall be held and construed to mean any room where any pool ticket, chance voucher or certificate is sold entitling or purporting to entitle the holder or promisee thereof, or any other person, to money or other thing of value, contingent upon the result of any horse race, prizefight, game of chance, game of skill or science, or other sport or contest. Any person who shall set up or promote, or be connected with or interested in the management or operation of any poolroom, his agents, servants or employees, they, and each of them, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not less than two hundred nor more than one thousand dollars for each offense, and may, in the discretion of the court, be confined in jail not to exceed one year. The buying, selling or transferring of tickets or chances in any lottery shall be and the same is hereby prohibited.