§61-3A-6. Definitions.
(a) "Card-not-present credit or debit transaction" means a credit or debit sale of merchandise by telephone, mail order, internet or other means that does not require the cardholder's signature or physical presentation of the credit or debit card to the merchant.

(b) "Conceal" means to hide, hold or carry merchandise so that, although there may be some notice of its presence, it is not visible through ordinary observation.

(c) "Merchant" means an owner or operator of any mercantile establishment and includes the merchant's employees, servants, security agents or other agents.

(d) "Mercantile establishment" means any place where merchandise is displayed, held or offered for sale, either at retail or wholesale. "Mercantile establishment" does not include adjoining parking lots or adjoining areas of common use with other establishments.

(e) "Merchandise" means any goods, foodstuffs, wares or personal property, or any part or portion thereof of any type or description displayed, held or offered for sale, or a shopping cart.

(f) "Value of the merchandise" means the merchant's stated price of the merchandise, or, in the event of altering, transferring or removing a price marking or causing a cash register or other sales device to reflect less than the retail value of the merchandise, as defined in section one of this article, the difference between the merchant's stated price of the merchandise and the altered price.