§61-3-39o. Agreement to suspend prosecution of a person accepted into the restitution program.
(a) The prosecuting attorney may enter into an agreement with a participant of the worthless check restitution program to suspend prosecution for a period to be determined by the prosecuting attorney.

(b) To remain eligible for the worthless check restitution program, the participant shall:

(1) Contact a representative of the program before the date required by the notice sent pursuant to section thirty-nine-n of this article;

(2) Agree to comply with all the program terms;

(3) Complete a class conducted by the prosecuting attorney, his or her designee, or a private entity under contract with the prosecuting attorney, which offers offender education and instruction;

(4) Pay a fee in the amount of ten dollars to be deposited in the "worthless check fund" established pursuant to the provisions of section thirty-nine-h of this article;

(5) Pay the fee required to participate in the class;

(6) Pay full victim restitution; and

(7) Pay all fees for participation in the program, unless those fees are waived.

(c) The prosecuting attorney shall agree not to file criminal charges if the participant in the program completes the conditions of the agreement.