§61-3-39i. Preparation of list of worthless check warrants.
Beginning on the first day of July, one thousand nine hundred eighty-three, the magistrate court clerk of every county shall, between the first and fifth day of each month thereafter, prepare a cumulative list of all check warrants issued by the magistrates of the county during the preceding twelve calendar months and after the effective date of this section: Provided, That upon completion of each cumulative list, the list which was completed for the next preceding month and any copy thereof shall be destroyed by the magistrate court clerk. The persons charged in such warrants shall be listed alphabetically. Such list shall also contain the total number of warrants issued against each named person for the period covered by the report, the number assigned to each warrant, and the date each such warrant was issued. A copy of such cumulative list of worthless check warrants shall be forthwith forwarded to each magistrate in the county and to the prosecuting attorney thereof. Upon the request of magistrates or prosecutors in other counties of this state, such lists shall be regularly forwarded to them.