§61-2-27a. Required reporting of burns.
(a) Any health care provider who examines or renders medical treatment to a person suffering from an injury caused by a burn resulting from fire or a chemical, where the circumstances under which the examination is made or treatment is rendered, or where the condition of the injury gives the health care provider reasonable cause to suspect that the injury occurred during the commission, or attempted commission, of an arson as defined in article three of this chapter, shall report the same to the office of the state fire marshal. A written report shall be made by the provider, or by an employee or agent of the provider at the direction of the provider, to the office of the state fire marshal within forty-eight hours after the initial report: Provided, That where two or more health care providers participate in the examination or treatment of such injury, the obligation to report imposed by this section applies only to the attending physician or, if none, to the person primarily responsible for providing medical treatment for the injury.

(b) Any health care provider who in good faith makes or causes to be made a report pursuant to subsection (a) of this section is immune from any civil liability which may otherwise arise as the result of making such report.

(c) Within available funding and as may be determined necessary by the state fire marshal, the state fire marshal shall conduct educational programs for persons required to report injuries under this section.