§60-6-8. Unlawful sale or possession by licensee.
A licensed person shall not:

(1) Sell alcoholic liquors of a kind other than that which such license or this chapter authorizes him to sell;

(2) Sell beer to which wine, spirits, or alcohol has been added;

(3) Sell wine to which other alcoholic spirits have been added, otherwise than as required in the manufacture thereof under regulations of the commission;

(4) Sell alcoholic liquors to a person specified in section twenty-two, article three of this chapter;

(5) Sell alcoholic liquors except as authorized by his license;

(6) Sell any alcoholic liquor when forbidden by the provisions of this chapter;

(7) Keep on the premises covered by his license alcoholic liquor other than that which he is authorized to sell by such license or by this chapter.

A person who violates any provision of this section shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be fined not less than fifty nor more than five hundred dollars, or confined in jail not less than thirty days nor more than one year, or both such fine and imprisonment for the first offense. Upon conviction of a second or subsequent offense, the court may in its discretion impose a penalty of confinement in the penitentiary for a period not to exceed three years.