§60-4-4. Purchase and resale of alcoholic liquors and ethyl alcohol by wholesale druggists.
The commission may grant to wholesale druggists license to purchase alcoholic liquors at wholesale from or through the commission for the purpose of resale within the state. Such wholesale druggists shall have the right to purchase ethyl alcohol, for nonbeverage purposes, at wholesale, and for resale to pharmacists, or druggists or drugstores employing a duly licensed pharmacist, having a regular place of business, or to other persons licensed to purchase ethyl alcohol from the commission, from distillers, manufacturers, jobbers or other wholesale druggists, whether within or without the state, and whether the seller has a permit or license from the commission to sell same, and ship and transport or cause same to be shipped and transported to their places of business, upon filing with the commission at the time of or prior to such purchase a copy of the purchase order for same, together with a statement in writing showing approximately when, and in what manner the ethyl alcohol so purchased will be shipped or transported to their places of business.