§60-3A-3. Sale of liquor by retail licensees permitted; cessation of retail sale of liquor by state.
(a) Notwithstanding any provision of this code to the contrary, the sale of liquor by retail licensees in accordance with the provisions of this article is lawful.

(b) Upon the opening of a retail outlet in any market zone, the state shall, as soon as practicable, discontinue operating any and all state liquor stores and agency stores within the market zone so long as a retail outlet is in operation in the market zone.

(c) No provision of this section shall prevent the commissioner, with the consent of the board, from operating a state liquor store in a market zone pursuant to the provisions of article three of this chapter where there are no retail outlets in operation, and the operation of any retail outlet in the market zone is prevented by a matter in controversy pending judicial adjudication or the licensee is unable or unwilling to open a retail outlet: Provided, That, the board determines that the resolution of the controversy will continue for such duration that the opening of a state liquor store is necessary to meet reasonable consumer concerns of availability of liquor.