§59-3-8. Construction of article; repeal; subsequent legislation.
This article is intended to standardize and make uniform certain areas of the law relating to newspapers, qualified newspapers, legal advertisements and publication of a newspaper or qualified newspaper, and to this end all other provisions in this code or elsewhere in law pertaining to such subjects shall be construed so as to conform to and be consistent with the pertinent provisions of this article. As to those provisions in this code or elsewhere in law which are so inconsistent with the provisions of this article as to preclude such construction, such other provisions, whether general or specific in character, are hereby repealed to the extent of such inconsistency. No subsequent legislation shall be held to supersede or modify the provisions of this article except to the extent that such legislation shall do so specifically and expressly. The provisions of this act shall not affect the publication and/or posting of any legal advertisements commenced, in process or completed prior to the effective date of this act.