§59-1-18. To whom fees charged; services by clerks and sheriffs without fees.
The fees mentioned in this article shall be chargeable to the person at whose instance the service is performed; except that the fees for entering and certifying the attendance of witnesses, and proceedings to compel payment for such attendance, shall be charged to the party for whom the witness attended, and except also as follows: No clerk shall charge for taking bond from, administering oaths to, or copying orders as to the appointment or qualification of any county, school or district officer, or for filing the bonds or oaths of any such officer, nor for making or copying orders as to county levies or grand juries and administering the necessary oaths. No sheriff shall charge for serving such or any other public orders nor for summoning and impaneling grand juries. No clerk or sheriff shall receive payment out of the treasury for any service rendered in case of the state, except where it is allowed by law.