§59-1-13. Fees to be charged by Clerk of Supreme Court of Appeals.
     The Clerk of the Supreme Court of Appeals shall charge the following fees to be paid by the parties for whom the services are rendered:

For all copies of petitions, records, orders, opinions or other papers, per page

     . 25¢

     For each certificate under seal of the court        $5

     For license to practice law, suitable for framing.         $25

     For docketing any civil appeals, including appeals from Family Courts, but not including, appeals in workers' compensations cases, any action in the Supreme Court's original jurisdiction or any other action, cause or proceeding $200

     For any other work or services not herein enumerated, the clerk shall charge the fees prescribed for similar services by clerks of circuit courts.

     Fees collected for docketing civil appeals shall be expended, in the discretion of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, solely to provide grants to the federally designated provider of civil legal services for low income citizens in the state.