§59-1-9. Compensation of fiduciary commissioners; procedure for approving.
The county commission shall promulgate by order a schedule of fees or a rate of compensation for the guidance of fiduciary commissioners, based upon the actual time spent and actual services rendered, or both a schedule and a rate of compensation as the commissioners may deem appropriate: Provided, That no fee may be based solely upon the amount of the estate. A copy of these fees or rates shall be posted in a conspicuous place in the county courthouse.

The fiduciary commissioner shall submit to the commission an itemized statement of services rendered and time expended in the settling of every estate, along with a statement of fees charged therefor. The county commission shall review all fees charged by a fiduciary commissioner, and shall approve, disapprove or modify the fee as it may deem appropriate. In reviewing any fee the county commission shall consider the following: (1) The time and labor expended; (2) the difficulty of the questions raised; (3) the skill required to perform properly the services rendered; (4) the customary fee for like work; and (5) any time limitations imposed by the personal representative, any beneficiary, or by the attendant circumstances.