§58-4-5. Stay of proceedings; bond.
At the instance of any person who desires to present such petition, the court of limited jurisdiction, in which the judgment, decree or order is, may, during the term at which it is rendered or made, or the judge of such court may, within twenty days after such term is ended, upon notice in writing to the opposite party (in either case the court or the judge exercising a discretion), make an order suspending the execution of such judgment, decree or order, for a reasonable time to be specified in such order, when such person shall give bond before the clerk of such court, in such penalty as the court or judge may require, with a condition reciting such judgment, decree or order, and the intention of such person to present such petition, and providing for the payment of all such damages as any person may sustain by reason of such suspension in case a supersedeas to such judgment, decree or order should not be allowed and be effectual within the time so specified.