§57-5-11. Disposal of exhibits or articles offered in evidence; disposal of property in hands of law-enforcement officials.
Any circuit court in this state, or the judge thereof in vacation, may in its discretion by order entered of record dispose of by return to the owner thereof, or by destruction, sale, or otherwise, any exhibit or article introduced or offered in evidence at the hearing, or upon the trial, of any matter or case before such court or judge, and remaining in the custody or control of such court for a period of thirty days after the expiration of the time within which an appeal may be taken from any final order or judgment in such matter or case, if no appeal is taken therefrom, or thirty days, after any final order or judgment of an appellate court, if such appeal is taken therein: Provided, That if the ownership of such exhibit or article be known, the owner shall be notified and such exhibit or article shall be returned to him if he so desires.

Any sale directed hereunder shall be made upon such notice and terms and by such officer or other person as the court or judge shall direct. The proceeds of any such sale shall be applied to the reasonable costs and expenses of such sale as the court or judge shall allow, and the remainder thereof shall be paid into the state treasury.

The provisions of this section shall not apply or extend to the county commission of any county; nor shall any property or article be disposed of hereunder contrary to any other statute which expressly provides a different disposition.