§57-1-14. Authentication of foreign deeds, powers of attorney, policies of insurance, etc.
Every deed or power of attorney executed out of this state, the acknowledgment or proof of which is certified so that it might be admitted to record under article one, chapter thirty- nine of this code, and every policy of insurance, charter party, copy from a record in any foreign court or from a register of births and marriages in any place out of the United States, if it be attested by a notary public, under his seal of office, that such policy, charter party, record or register was made, entered or kept in due form according to the law of the place in which it was made, entered or kept, and that such copy is true, and the official character of such notary be certified to by any court of record, or the mayor or other chief magistrate of any county, city, town or borough, or under the great seal of the state, kingdom, province, an island or colony in which such notary may reside, shall be evidence in any court in this state.