§56-4-23. Failure to file statement; insufficient statement; amendment; exclusion of evidence of party in default; sufficiency of statement.
If either party to such action or motion fail to file any statement required of him by the four preceding sections of this article, or by the other party pursuant to any of the provisions of the said sections, or if the statement be adjudged insufficient in whole or in part, the court, as justice may require, may grant further time for filing the same, or permit the statement filed to be amended, or may, at the trial, exclude the evidence offered by the party in default as to any matter which he has so failed to state or has insufficiently stated, and which is not described in the notice, declaration or other pleading of such party so plainly as to give the adverse party notice of its character. But no statement which, in the particulars required by or under the said sections to be stated or referred to therein, is sufficient to notify the adverse party, in effect, of the nature of the claim or defense intended to be set up against him, shall be adjudged insufficient.