§55-10-8. Validity of agreement to arbitrate.

     (a) An agreement contained in a record to submit to arbitration any existing or subsequent controversy arising between the parties to the agreement is valid, enforceable and irrevocable except upon a ground that exists at law or in equity for the revocation of a contract.

     (b) The court shall decide whether an agreement to arbitrate exists or a controversy is subject to an agreement to arbitrate.

     (c) An arbitrator shall decide whether a condition precedent to arbitration has been fulfilled and whether a contract containing a valid agreement to arbitrate is enforceable: Provided, That the decision as to whether the arbitration agreement is enforceable shall be made by a court of competent jurisdiction, if requested by any party to the arbitration or agreement, pursuant to section nine of this article.

     (d) If a party to a judicial proceeding challenges the existence of, or claims that a controversy is not subject to, an agreement to arbitrate, the arbitration proceeding may continue pending final resolution of the issue by the court, unless the court otherwise orders.