§55-7A-1. Legislative findings; declaration of legislative intent.
The Legislature hereby finds and declares that there are now and have been repeated and widespread acts of vandalism, willful and malicious destruction of property and other injury to persons and property occasioned by the willful, malicious and sometimes criminal acts of children under the age of eighteen years; that the great majority of such children are living with a parent or parents; that there arises or should arise out of such relationship, a responsibility to recompense persons injured by such acts of vandalism and willful and malicious injury to persons and property. Therefore, it is the intent of the Legislature to make parents responsible for the torts of their minor children by reason of the parent-child relationship, and to impose on said parent or parents for such acts of their children, who live with them and who commit acts of vandalism or willful and malicious injury to persons and property, liability in accordance with the provisions hereinafter set forth.