§55-4-20. Change in plaintiff's right pending action; additional party plaintiff.
If the right or title of the plaintiff in ejectment be that of a tenant for life or for a term of years, and such right or title shall expire after the commencement of the action, but before trial, the verdict shall be according to the fact, and judgment shall be entered for his damages sustained by the withholding of the premises by the defendant; and as to the premises claimed, the judgment shall be that the defendant go thereof without day. But the right of the plaintiff to recover in the action shall not be affected or impaired by reason of any conveyance or transfer of the legal title to the premises in controversy, by or from the plaintiff to another, pending the action. And where any such conveyance or transfer is made, the person in whom the legal title to such premises is thereby vested may, at any time before trial, on motion of either party, be made a party plaintiff in the action, either with or without an amendment of the declaration, as the court may deem proper; and in such case, if the plaintiff recover, the verdict and judgment may be for all the plaintiffs, or for such of them as may be entitled to the possession of the premises at the time of the trial.