§55-4-8. Service of declaration and notice; order of publication.
To such declaration there shall be subjoined a written or printed notice by the plaintiff, or his attorney, addressed to the defendant and notifying him that such declaration will be filed on some specified rule day, in the clerk's office of the court in which the action is to be prosecuted, or in such court on some day named at the next term thereof, and that if he fails to appear and plead thereto, within the time required by law, judgment will be given against him. Such declaration and notice may be served in the same manner as other notices may by law be served. But if the defendant do not reside in the county where the action is brought, or cannot be found therein, such service may be made in any part of the state where he may reside or be found; and if he do not reside in the state, or cannot be found therein, so that such service cannot be made, an order of publication, as provided by law in other cases, may be awarded against him, and all the laws in force in relation to judgments and decrees obtained on publication and proceedings in such cases shall be applicable to the proceedings and judgment had and rendered in such action on such publication.