§55-3B-3. Termination of tenancy.
(a) Except for termination for good cause, the tenancy of a factory-built home site may be terminated by either party only by giving at least three months' notice in writing to the other of his or her intention to terminate the tenancy. When such notice is to the tenant, it may be served upon the tenant or upon anyone holding under the tenant the leased premises or any part of the leased premises. When it is by the tenant, it may be served upon anyone who at the time owns the premises, in whole or in part, or the agent of the owner or according to the common law. If the termination is for good cause, no notice requirements other than those provided in sections four and six of this article may be imposed.

(b) Unless the landlord is changing the use of the site, if a tenancy is ended by the landlord at the later of its stated term or at the end of the period set out in subsection (b), section two of this article, without good cause, the owner may not prevent the sale of the factory-built home in place to another tenant who meets the standards and criteria in effect for new tenants prior to the termination of the tenancy.