§54-2-8. Powers of commissioners; hearings; view of property.
Any three of the commissioners may act in the absence of the others, and any one of them may sign and issue subpoenas for witnesses in like manner as a justice, and with like effect; and may swear any witness who appears before them, that the evidence which he will give relating to the matters to be reported upon by the said commissioners shall be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. They may adjourn their sessions from time to time as shall be necessary; and any person interested may attend in person or by attorney, produce and examine witnesses, read depositions duly taken, and other proper evidence, and be heard, if he requests it, in support of his rights, according to the usages and rules of law.

A view of the property to be taken shall not be required unless a demand therefor is made by a party in interest. In the event a court commissioner is appointed to preside over and supervise all of the hearings to be held by a condemnation commission pursuant to the provisions of section seven-b of this article such court commissioner shall go with the commissioners and shall control the proceedings.