§54-2-6. How commissioners appointed.
The appointment shall be made as follows: Thirteen disinterested freeholders shall be nominated by the court, or the judge thereof in vacation, of whom the applicant may strike off four from the list, and the defendant or defendants may also strike off four, and after eight names are stricken from the list the remaining five shall be the commissioners. But where there is no appearance for the defense, or the right to strike off any one or more names is waived on the part of either the applicant or defendant, or from any cause the full number shall not be stricken off by the parties, the name or additional names, as the case may be, to be stricken from the list in order to reduce the number to five, shall be ascertained by lot under direction of the court or the judge thereof in vacation. The court, or judge thereof in vacation, may for good cause remove any commissioner and fill any vacancy.