§53-7-4. Arrest and commitment unless bond given by defendant.
Under such order, the defendant against whom it issues shall be arrested and committed to jail, unless bond be given in the sum specified therein, with sufficient security, conditioned that, in case there shall in the action, proceeding or suit be any judgment, decree or order on which a writ of fieri facias may issue, and within four months after such judgment, decree or order is rendered or made, interrogatories be filed under sections one, two and three, article five, chapter thirty-eight of this code, with a commissioner of the court wherein such judgment, decree or order is, the defendant will, at the time the commissioner issues a summons to answer such interrogatories, be in the county in which such commissioner resides, and will, within the time prescribed in such summons, file proper answers upon oath to such interrogatories, and make such conveyance and delivery as is required by the said article, or in case of failure to file such answer and make such conveyance and delivery, that the said defendant will perform and satisfy the said judgment, decree or order.