§53-5-9. Injunction bond.
An injunction (except in the case of any personal representative, or other person from whom, in the opinion of the court or judge awarding the same, it may be improper to require bond) shall not take effect until bond be given in such penalty as the court or judge awarding it may direct, with condition to pay the judgment or decree (proceedings on which are enjoined) and all such costs as may be awarded against the party obtaining the injunction, and also such damages as shall be incurred or sustained by the person enjoined, in case the injunction be dissolved, and with a further condition, if a forthcoming bond has been given under such judgment or decree, to indemnify and save harmless the sureties in such forthcoming bond and their representatives against all loss or damages in consequence of such suretyship; or, if the injunction be not to proceedings on a judgment or decree, with such condition as such court or judge may prescribe. The bond shall be given before the clerk of the court in which such judgment or decree is, and in other cases before the clerk of the court in which the suit is wherein the injunction is awarded. If the bond be not given before the summons is issued, the clerk shall indorse thereon that the injunction is not to take effect until the bond is given, and the clerk who afterwards takes the bond shall indorse on the summons that it is given.