§53-2-4. Information in the nature of writ of quo warranto.
In any case in which a writ of quo warranto would lie, the attorney general or prosecuting attorney of any county, at his own instance or at the relation of any person interested, or any person interested, may, in the name of the state of West Virginia, apply to any such court or judge thereof in vacation as is mentioned in the second section of this article for leave to file an information in the nature of a writ of quo warranto for any of the causes and against any of the corporations, officers, or persons mentioned in the first section of this article, and he shall, at the time of his application, present to the court or judge the information he proposes to file. If, in the opinion of such court or judge, the matters stated in such information are sufficient in law to authorize the same to be filed, an order shall be made filing the same and awarding a summons against the defendant named therein to answer such information. But if the leave to file such information be asked on the relation of any person, or by any person at his own instance, the summons thereon shall not be issued by the clerk until such relator or person shall give the bond and security required by the next preceding section. A copy of every such information, if not made out and filed therewith, shall be made out by the clerk, and such copy shall be delivered to the officer to whom the summons is delivered to be served, and shall be served on the defendant or one of the defendants named in the summons.