§51-8-2. Librarian; bond; assistants; compensation.
The supreme court of appeals, or the judges thereof in vacation, shall appoint a competent librarian to have immediate custody of the West Virginia law library under the direction of the court. Such librarian shall give bond in a penalty fixed by the court of not less than two nor more than five thousand dollars, with surety thereon, to be approved by the court, and conditioned as provided for official bonds. Such bond shall be deposited for safekeeping with the clerk of the court. The librarian shall be an officer of the court and shall hold his office and be removable at its pleasure. Vacancies in the office of librarian occurring during vacation of the court may be filled by appointment in writing made by the judges of the court, or any three of them. When, in the opinion of the court, other employees are needed for the proper protection and use of the library, it may employ such assistants as may be necessary for that purpose. The salary of the librarian and assistants shall be fixed by the court and shall be payable in monthly installments.