§51-7-5. Salary in lieu of all other compensation.
If neither of the methods of compensation provided for in section three of this article be adopted, a salary may be allowed in lieu of all other compensation, which shall be paid monthly, out of the state treasury, in such proportions as the court or judge may fix in accordance with the rules of the supreme court of appeals. All fees for services rendered by the official reporter in the discharge of his duties as such, when he is allowed a salary under the provisions of this section, may be collected, and shall, when collected by the sheriff or official reporter, be paid into the treasury of the state; and it shall be the duty of such reporter to make out, sign and deliver to the sheriff a fee bill in every case, civil or criminal, giving the style thereof and the amount due, and from whom, which amount may be collected or levied for by the sheriff, and such fee bill shall have the force and effect of an execution when levied. An official reporter compensated under the provisions of this section shall collect the fees mentioned in section four of this article for any transcript of his shorthand notes of the testimony or proceedings furnished by him to any party, and shall pay the same over to the sheriff of the county in which the services were performed, to be by him accounted for and paid into the state treasury.