§51-6-14. Application of unclaimed funds in hands of general receiver of circuit court.
Whenever it shall appear to any circuit court that any fund in its charge and in the hands of its general receiver, for a period of at least twenty years, will, in all probability never be claimed by anyone entitled thereto, the court may order such fund applied to any loss of or shrinkage in the investments of such general receiver due to economic condition, and may release such general receiver from any further liability on account of such fund so in his hands.

But before entering any such order, the court shall cause a notice of such intention to be given by the clerk of said court by publication thereof as a Class II legal advertisement in compliance with the provisions of article three, chapter fifty- nine of this code, and the publication area for such publication shall be said county. If no claimant shall appear and establish a right to said fund within one year from the date of the last publication thereof, the court may take said facts to have been fully established, and shall so apply said fund.