§51-4-12a. Free recordation of discharges, other than dishonorable, and certificates of satisfactory service; free issuance to veterans and dependents of copies of certain records.
A discharge, other than dishonorable, from the armed forces of the United States, and a certificate of satisfactory service in said armed forces held by any and all persons, shall be recorded by a county clerk in a special record book, free of any and all fees or costs therefor. This book shall be kept on file in the office of the clerk of the county court of the county in which the person holding such discharge or certificate resides: Provided, That upon application to the vital statistics department, or any other agency authorized to issue birth certificates in this state, the original discharge or certificate, or a certified copy from the clerk's office, where same is recorded, shall be taken as proof of the date of birth of the veteran for all purposes, and no other or further proof shall be required.

The county clerk of any county shall furnish copies of records of a discharge, other than dishonorable, certificate of satisfactory service, marriage, divorce, adoption, birth or death, which he may have in his possession, without fee, to veterans of any war, soldiers in service, or the dependents of such veterans or soldiers, when these records are necessary to obtain benefits from the federal or state governments.