§51-1-15. Administrative office of supreme court of appeals continued; director; assistants and secretaries; seal.
The administrative office of the supreme court of appeals heretofore established is hereby continued. The court shall appoint a director thereof and such assistants and secretaries as it deems necessary to perform the duties of the office as specified in section seventeen of this article and such other duties as may be specified by the court. Such appointees shall serve at the will and pleasure of the court and shall receive such compensation as may be fixed from time to time by the court. They shall also be reimbursed out of the state treasury for all reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred for travel, meals and lodging incident to the performance of their duties as such appointees. The director, when so directed by the court, shall cause a seal of office to be made for such office of such design as the court shall approve, and judicial notice shall be taken of such seal.