§50-1-11. Offices for magistrates; location; expenses; copy of state code.
Subject to the rules of the supreme court of appeals, the location of offices for magistrates shall be determined by order of the judge of the circuit court, or the chief judge thereof if there is more than one judge of the circuit court. When required by geography or population dispersion and in order to make such offices accessible to the public, an order may require more than one location for each magistrate. As near as practicable within a county, all office accommodations shall be comparable. All expenses of acquiring or renting offices and utility and telephone expenses shall be paid by the county. All other expenses, including, but not limited to, expenses for furniture, equipment and supplies, shall be paid by the state. The administrative director of the supreme court of appeals shall supply each magistrate with a current copy of the West Virginia code which shall remain the property of the state.

Magistrates who serve at more than one location within the county, whether on a regular or temporary basis, shall be reimbursed travel expenses for travel between locations at a rate per mile equal to that allowed for reimbursement of travel expenses of officers in the judicial branch of state government.