§49-9-17. Public-private partnerships; funding.
(a) In furtherance of its mission, the clearinghouse council is authorized to enter into contracts or joint venture agreements with federal and state agencies; with nonprofit corporations organized pursuant to the corporate laws of this state or other jurisdictions that are qualified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; and with other organizations that conduct research, make grants, improve educational programs and work for the prevention of missing or exploited children and to locate missing children. All contracts and joint venture agreements must be approved by a majority vote of the council. The council may also enter into such contractual agreements for consideration or recompense to it even though such entities are funded from sources other than the state. Members of the council are not prohibited from sitting on the boards of directors of any contracting private nonprofit corporation, foundation or firm: Provided, That members of the council shall not be exempt from any of the provisions of chapter six-b of this code.

(b) The council shall solicit and is authorized to receive and accept gifts or grants from private foundations, corporations, individuals, devises and bequests or from other lawful sources. Such funds shall be paid into a special account in the state treasury for the use and benefit of the council.