§49-9-3. Clearinghouse function.
(a) The Missing Children Information Clearinghouse is established under the West Virginia State Police. The State Police:

(1) Shall provide for the administration of the clearinghouse; and

(2) May promulgate rules in accordance with the provisions of article three, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code to carry out the provisions of this article.

(b) The clearinghouse is a central repository of information on missing children and shall be used by all law-enforcement agencies in this state.

(c) The clearinghouse shall:

(1) Establish a system of intrastate communication of information relating to missing children;

(2) Provide a centralized file for the exchange of information on missing children and unidentified bodies of children within the state;

(3) Communicate with the National Crime Information Center for the exchange of information on missing children suspected of interstate travel;

(4) Collect, process, maintain and disseminate accurate and complete information on missing children;

(5) Provide a statewide toll-free telephone line for the reporting of missing children and for receiving information on missing children;

(6) Disseminate to custodians, law-enforcement agencies, the state Department of Education, the Bureau for Children and Families and the general public information that explains how to prevent child abduction and what to do if a child becomes missing;

(7) Compile statistics relating to the incidence of missing children within the state;

(8) Provide training materials and technical assistance to law-enforcement agencies and social services agencies pertaining to missing children; and

(9) Establish a media protocol for disseminating information pertaining to missing children.

(d) The clearinghouse shall print and distribute posters, flyers and other forms of information containing descriptions of missing children.

(e) The State Police may accept public or private grants, gifts and donations to assist in carrying out the provisions of this article.