§49-7-29. General provisions relating to court orders regarding custody; promulgation of rules.
The supreme court of appeals, in consultation with the department of health and human resources and the division of juvenile services in order to eliminate unnecessary state funding of out-of-home placements where federal funding is available, shall develop and cause to be disseminated no later than the first day of July, two thousand three, form court orders to effectuate provisions of chapter forty-nine of this code which authorize disclosure and transfer of juvenile records between agencies while requiring maintenance of confidentiality, the provisions of Title 142 U.S.C. Section 620, et seq., and Title 42 U.S.C. Section 670, et seq., relating to the promulgation of uniform court orders for placement of minor children and the regulations promulgated thereunder, for use in the magistrate and circuit courts of the state.

Circuit judges and magistrates, upon being supplied the form orders required by the provision of this section, shall act to ensure the proper form order is entered in such case so as to allow federal funding of eligible out-of-home placements.