§49-7-14. Same -- Recovery on forfeited bond.
The penalty of a bond given upon suspension of sentence which becomes forfeited shall be recoverable without separate suit. The court or judge may cause citation or summons to issue to the principal and surety, requiring that they appear at a time named by the court or judge, not less than ten nor more than twenty days from the issuance of the summons, and show cause why judgment should not be entered for the penalty of such bond and execution issued against the property of the principal and of the surety. Upon failure to appear, or failure to show sufficient cause, the court shall enter judgment in behalf of the state of West Virginia against the principal and surety in an amount not to exceed the penalty of the bond plus costs.

Any money collected or paid upon an execution, or upon the bond, shall be deposited with the clerk of the court in which the bond was given. The money shall be applied first to the payment of all court costs and then to the treatment, care, or maintenance of the child for whose delinquency conviction was had. If any money so collected is not required for these purposes, it shall be paid within one year into the state treasury.