§49-7-13. Suspension of sentence -- Conditions which may be attached.
The conditions upon which the sentence of a person found guilty of contributing to the delinquency, or to the neglect of any child, may be suspended, may include the furnishing of a good and sufficient bond to the state of West Virginia in such penal sum as the court shall determine, not exceeding one thousand dollars, conditioned upon:

(1) Furnishing whatever treatment and care may be required for the welfare of such child.

(2) Doing whatever may be calculated to secure obedience to the law or to remove the cause of delinquency, or neglect.

(3) Payment of such amount as the court may order, not exceeding twenty dollars per month, for the support, care, and maintenance of the child to whose delinquency the person contributed. The sum shall be expended under the order of the court or judge for the purposes enumerated.