§49-6C-2. Family resource networks.
(a) "Family resource network" means a local community organization charged with service coordination, needs and resource assessment, planning, community mobilization and evaluation, and which has been recognized by the cabinet as having met the following criteria:

(1) Agreeing to a single governing entity;

(2) Agreeing to engage in activities to improve service systems for children and families within the community;

(3) Addressing a geographic area of a county or two or more contiguous counties;

(4) Having nonproviders, which include family representatives and other members who are not employees of publicly funded agencies, as the majority of the members of the governing body, and having family representatives as the majority of the nonproviders;

(5) Having representatives of local service agencies, including, but not limited to, the public health department, the behavioral health center, the local health and human resources agency and the county school district, on the governing body;

(6) Accepting principles consistent with the cabinet's mission as part of its philosophy.

(b) A family resource network may not provide direct services, which means to provide programs or services directly to children and families.