§49-6-10a. Dispute resolution.
(a) Whenever, pursuant to the provisions of this article, a prosecuting attorney acts as counsel for the department of health and human resources and a dispute arises between the prosecuting attorney and the department's representative because an action proposed by the other is believed to place the child at imminent risk of abuse or serious neglect, either the prosecuting attorney or the department's representative may contact the secretary of the department and the executive director of the West Virginia prosecuting attorneys institute for prompt mediation and resolution. The secretary may designate either his or her general counsel or the director of social services to act as his or her designee and the executive director may designate an objective prosecuting attorney as his or her designee.

(b) Nothing in this code shall be construed to limit the authority of a prosecuting attorney to file an abuse or neglect petition, including the duties and responsibilities owed to its client the department of health and human resources, in his or her fulfillment of the provisions of chapter forty-nine, article six of this code.