§49-5E-5a. Juvenile detention and corrections facilities; employees; priority of hiring.
(a) Notwithstanding any provision of this code to the contrary, the division, when employing any persons to complete the approved staffing plan of any of its juvenile detention or corrections facilities, shall employ any person otherwise qualified who applies for a position at the juvenile detention or corrections facility who was also employed in good standing at a county or local jail facility, at the time of its closing, that was closed due to the completion of a regional jail.

(b) All persons employed at a juvenile detention or corrections facility shall be employed at a salary and with benefits consistent with the approved plan of compensation of the Division of Personnel, created under section five, article six, chapter twenty-nine of this code; all employees shall also be covered by the policies and procedures of the West Virginia Public Employees Grievance Board, created under article two, chapter six-c of this code and the classified service protection policies of the Division of Personnel.