§49-5E-4. Transfer of Kanawha home for children to the division of juvenile services.
(a) "Kanawha home for children" means the county home for the detention of juvenile delinquents or children charged with delinquency as established by the county commission of Kanawha County pursuant to the provisions of a local bill, House Bill No. 141, enacted by the Legislature on the fourteenth day of February, one thousand nine hundred fifty-five, as set forth in the Acts of the West Virginia Legislature, Regular Session, 1955, ch. 185.

(b) After the effective date of the amendment to this section, enacted during the regular session of the Legislature, one thousand nine hundred ninety-eight, the division of juvenile services shall assume all responsibility for funding, operating, maintaining, administering and managing the Kanawha home for children. To this end, the director of the division of juvenile services may enter into a lease agreement with the Kanawha county commission, for the premises and all improvements, appurtenances, equipment and furnishings on the premises constituting the Kanawha home for children, and may operate, manage and maintain the facility as one of the several centers under the supervision and control of the division which provide secure predispositional detention of juveniles, including juveniles who have been transferred to adult criminal jurisdiction under section ten, article five of this chapter and juveniles who are awaiting transfer to a juvenile corrections facility.