§49-5E-1. Policy.
It is the policy of the state to provide a coordinated continuum of care for its children who have been charged with an offense which would be a crime if committed by an adult, whether they are taken into custody and securely detained or released pending adjudication by the court. It is further the policy of the state to ensure the safe and efficient custody of a securely detained child through the entire juvenile justice process, and this can best be accomplished by the state by providing for cooperation and coordination between the agencies of government which are charged with responsibilities for the children of the state. Accordingly, whenever any juvenile is ordered by the court to be transferred from the custody of one of these agencies into the custody of the other, the department of health and human resources and the division of juvenile services shall cooperate with each other to the maximum extent necessary in order to ease the child's transition and to reduce unnecessary cost, duplication and delay.