§49-5C-2. Powers and duties.
The powers and duties of the committees shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

(a) Studying the status and effectiveness of the laws relating to juvenile proceedings, the juvenile referee system, and the West Virginia juvenile offender rehabilitation act, and making recommendations as to any changes needed in the system and the ways and means to effect such changes;

(b) Making further and more specific recommendations within the scope of the study as to the detention of juvenile offenders, considering both short and long-term detention;

(c) Considering existing juvenile detention facilities and making recommendations, with particular attention to financing, as to the need for updating present facilities and/or creating new facilities and the location of each;

(d) Filing a report to each regular session of the Legislature which will include drafts of legislation necessary to effectuate any recommendations;

(e) Maintaining reference materials concerning juvenile offenders including, without limitation, information as to laws and systems in other states;

(f) Visiting, inspecting, and interviewing residents of juvenile institutions, detention facilities, and places wherein West Virginia juveniles may be held involuntarily and making public reports of such reviews;

(g) Overseeing the maintenance and improvement of the system of predispositional detention of juveniles.