§49-5-13e. Comprehensive plan for juveniles.
(a) The division of juvenile services shall develop and annually update a comprehensive plan to establish a unified state system for social and rehabilitative programming and treatment of juveniles who are detained or incarcerated in predispositional detention centers and in juvenile correction facilities and a comprehensive plan for regional juvenile detention facilities and programs. These plans and updates are to be submitted to the West Virginia Legislature no later than the first day of January each year.

(b) The comprehensive plan for regional detention programs and facilities shall be based on the need for secure juvenile detention services in a given county or region. The secretary of the department of health and human resources, the secretary of the department of military affairs and public safety and the executive director of the regional jail and correctional facility authority shall develop and agree to the criteria to be considered in determining the construction, renovation, acquisition or repair of projects proposed after the effective date of this article. These criteria are to be reviewed periodically and included in the annual report required pursuant to this section. The comprehensive plan may propose locating newly constructed detention facilities on or near a planned or existing regional jail facility, with common facilities and administration as permitted by federal law.