§49-5-3. Noncustodial counseling of a juvenile.
The court at any time, or the department or other official upon a request from a parent, guardian or custodian, may, before proceedings under this article are formally instituted by the filing of a petition with the court, refer a juvenile alleged to be delinquent or a status offender to a counselor at the department or a community mental health center, or other professional counselor in the community. In the event the juvenile refuses to respond to this referral, the department may serve a notice by first class mail or personal service of process upon the juvenile, setting forth the facts and stating that a noncustodial order will be sought from the court directing the juvenile to submit to counseling. The notice shall set forth the time and place for the hearing on the matter. The court or referee after a hearing may direct the juvenile to participate in a noncustodial period of counseling that may not exceed six months. Upon recommendation of the department or request by the juvenile's parent, custodian or guardian, the court or referee may allow or require the parent, custodian or guardian to participate in this noncustodial counseling. No information obtained as the result of this counseling is admissible in a subsequent proceeding under this article.