§49-2D-9. Development of home-based family preservation services.
The department is authorized to use appropriate state, federal, and/or private funds within its budget for the provision of family preservation and reunification services. Appropriated state funding made available through capture of additional federal funds shall be utilized to provide family preservation and reunification services as described in this article. Costs of providing home-based services described in this article shall not exceed the costs of out-of-home care which would be incurred otherwise. Notwithstanding the other provisions of this article to the contrary, it is the intent of this legislation to permit the department to establish a pilot program in FY90 to serve 200 families. The department is vested with discretion to select target populations using geographical or other criteria it deems appropriate.

The department shall report back to the Legislature by the thirty-first day of December, one thousand nine hundred ninety, on the feasibility of using funds currently earmarked for the placement of children for the intervention and what additional amounts may be needed to fully implement this article.