§49-2C-1. Interstate adoption assistance compact -- Findings and purpose.
(a) The Legislature finds that:

(1) Finding adoptive families for children, for whom state assistance is desirable pursuant to section seventeen, article two of this chapter and assuring the protection of the interests of the children affected during the entire assistance period, require special measures when the adoptive parents move to other states or are residents of another state; and

(2) Provision of medical and other necessary services for children, with state assistance, encounters special difficulties when the provision of services takes place in other states.

(b) The purposes of sections one through four of this article are to:

(1) Authorize the department of human services to enter into interstate agreements with agencies of other states for the protection of children on behalf of whom adoption assistance is being provided by the department of human services.

(2) Provide procedures for interstate children's adoption assistance payments, including medical payments.