§49-2B-14. Annual reports; directory; licensing reports and recommendations.
(a) The secretary shall submit on or before the first day of January of each year a report to the Governor, and upon request to members of the Legislature, concerning the regulation of child welfare agencies, child placing agencies, child care centers, family child care facilities, family child care homes, informal family child care homes, relative family child care homes and child care facilities during the year. The report shall include, but not be limited to, data on the number of children and staff at each facility (except family child care, informal family child care homes and relative family child care), applications received, types of licenses, approvals and registrations granted, denied, made provisional or revoked and any injunctions obtained or facility closures ordered.

(b) The secretary also shall compile annually a directory of licensed, certified and approved child care providers including a brief description of their program and facilities, the program's capacity and a general profile of children served. A listing of family child care homes shall also be compiled annually.

(c) Licensing reports and recommendations for licensure which are a part of the yearly review of each licensed facility shall be sent to the facility director. Copies shall be available to the public upon written request to the secretary.